Posted by: emilyewelty | May 8, 2012

Milk beans and spices beginning with C

Maharagwe na Maziwa (Milk Beans) page 169…..Tanzania

I decided to cook and blog tonight to celebrate the fact that I am *almost* done grading exams!
I did the shopping at the local bodega and was bemoaning the prices of spices and congratulating myself on purchasing organic spices at a local place when I suddenly realized…I had purchased $10 (ten dollars people! This is a lot even for NYC!) cardamom and…the recipe called for coriander. So I went to ANOTHER bodega, bought coriander and discovered that this bodega had all the same spices but at MUCH better prices. Now I have to decide if I am going to be that girl that returns spices to a struggling family bodega and ask for a refund (clue: I’m not.)
This recipe has FOUR spices that start with C – Sesame Street should really look into this for a segment – cumin, coriander, curry powder and chili powder.
The recipe was very easy and we served it over rice. The only problem was that it was VERY spicy – almost unpleasantly so – I kept adding more milk to try and modulate the spice. In the end, I ended up drinking a glass of milk with dinner – gulping it actually – something that I haven’t really done since I was ten or so.
While the “milk” in the title of the recipe refers to the milk that is added to the simmering mixture, for me, the milk referred to the copious amounts of milk that I drank trying to cut the spice.


  1. It sure looks yummy, even if it was too spicy for you. So glad you’ve picked up your blog again.

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